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Sunday, March 21, 2004

New Paltz Mayor Jason West on life and heroes


Savannah asks Legislature to nix gay marriage ban
Associated Press
SAVANNAH--The Savannah City Council is asking the Georgia Legislature to nix its proposed ban on same-sex marriage. The Council voted unanimously Thursday to join Atlanta in urging state lawmakers to vote down a resolution forbidding gays and lesbians from marrying each other.


Anti-gay legislation worries homosexual parents


How's it playing in Peoria?
Same-sex marriage debate takes some interesting twists and turns in the hinterland


Gay group runs idea up the flagpole
Raising a flag? Or same-sex unions?
By Benjamin Gedan, Globe Correspondent, 3/21/2004
When a mid-level city official floated the idea of flying the rainbow flag at City Hall, a gay rights group jumped at the chance for public exposure. But a founding member of the group shot back a far bolder request: a city-hosted same-sex wedding on Gay Pride Day, June 12, officiated by Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone and held on City Hall plaza. "When they offer a cookie, ask for a cake; when a cake, ask for a reception," said Joe Beckmann, who helped start OutSomerville, a political advocacy group, in 1999. "I want something visible.


we must keep up the pressure so this bill does not pass...

Seeking support for pro-marriage bill

The furor over same-sex marriage has complicated the task of officials and civic leaders trying to energize support for President George W. Bush's $1.5-billion plan to promote marriage among heterosexual couples.


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