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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Spreading Like Wildfire
By Cam Lindquist
Well, we need to give Jerry Falwell and his band of ultra-conservative, right-wing extremists their due credit. Now that gay marriage has been let out of the bag (pun intended), it is spreading like wildfire. Everybody seems to want a same-sex union of his or her very own. Even straight couples are flocking to California, Oregon, and New York to see if they can renew their vows as gay couples. Why, it is down right amazing! Even with the opening of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, attendance in conservative bible-believing congregations are not up by one lousy visitor. Those faithful sheep are leaving theaters and driving to the nearest hot spot to obtain their very own, possibly legal, document of marital bliss. Sweet Lord Almighty, this gay marriage thing turned out to be a real threat to the traditional family, and it is rocking the very foundation of our country. Thank goodness old President G.W. is all over that amendment thing-a-ma-jiggy. Even this openly queer columnist is truly worried about the state of our great Union.


London cabs drop Sandals adverts
Ben Townley, UK
Black cabs across London will no longer display adverts for Sandals holidays, after successful lobbying from lesbian and gay rights group Stonewall. The travel firm, which openly organises holidays for heterosexual couples only in exotic locations, has previously seen its adverts dropped from London Underground and the city's bus networks because of its homophobic stance.


Gay marriage and religion
There's two things wrong with amending the U.S. Constitution to limit marriage to a man and a woman. One: This concept is from the Bible and that makes it religious. The Constitution was written to keep a separation between church and state. This would open up for more religious amendments to the Constitution. If you think about this and how bad it is in other countries, why would anyone even think about doing something like this? Two: God gave every one of us free will. God doesn't force us to believe in him; he left that up to us. Only people force religion onto other people. By making a religious amendment to the Constitution we are forcing religion onto everyone that lives here.


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