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Sunday, March 21, 2004

West loses appeal, still can't perform gay weddings
By Jesse J. Smith , Freeman staff
KINGSTON - A court order barring New Paltz Mayor Jason West from performing same-sex weddings remains in effect following the rejection of a legal challenge filed by the mayor's attorneys.


Officer Cleared of Raping Lesbian
The Associated Press
ATHENS, Ga. (AP) -- A former Gwinnett County deputy has been acquitted of abducting and raping a lesbian Athens woman and found guilty of a lesser charge


Guilford County school policy not curbing anti-gay discrimination
The Associated Press
A sweeping anti-discrimination policy that local civil rights and gay/lesbian groups heralded as groundbreaking when adopted earlier this year isn't working, high school students in Guilford County say. The policy, which was adopted in January, includes language to protect students against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. Students - both gay and straight - say they still see discrimination at county


thy hate runuth over. there is way to much intolerance and hate, staring at the top with these war lording government..

State rep. apologizes for ‘hurtful remarks’ made at rally
Call staff 03/19/2004
PROVIDENCE -- Rep. Victor G. Moffitt, author of the Marriage Eligibility Act (2004 - H7395), offers his sincere apologies for hurtful remarks made by certain speakers and attendees of the "Sanctity of Marriage" rally held Tuesday at the State House.

"What I had intended to be an uplifting rally to help celebrate the sanctity of marriage, unfortunately turned into an ugly pulpit for a few people who expressed some very inflammatory opinions," saidMoffitt, a Republican who represents District 28 in Coventry


though I do not think this is big civil rights news.. it is time everyone world wide come out of the closet and we form stronger coalitions.. and not let religious thugs push us around anymore...

 Pro Golfer Rosie Jones Comes Out


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