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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Men exchange ‘holy union' vows at Broadway Baptist
The Kansas City Star
It was a nontraditional wedding, but for all the traditional reasons.
It included cake and mints, a bagpiper playing “Amazing Grace” and vows between two young men in a “holy union” ceremony Saturday at Broadway Baptist Church in Kansas City.


Gay community speaks out against civil unions
Herald News
FAIRHAVEN -- With the state Legislature seemingly on its way to approving an amendment that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman and would simultaneously legalize civil unions for same sex-couples, members of the gay community voiced opposition to the potential move during a panel discussion at the Unitarian Memorial Church Saturday.


M. Charles Bakst: It's time to listen to gay voices
01:00 AM EST on Sunday, March 28, 2004
In dramatic State House testimony last week in favor of same-sex marriage, Providence Mayor David Cicilline could not have been clearer.
Democrat Cicilline, who is gay, declared:
"Gay men and lesbians are your teachers, your doctors, your lawyers, your neighbors, your elected officials, with the same values, hopes, and dreams as everyone else. We value commitment, loving and caring relationships, and stability the same as members of the heterosexual community. "I urge you to take this important step to do the right thing. This is a moment that calls for real leadership."


Gay-union fight not over
Religious leaders say they will push to revisit the Senate-defeated issue of adding a same-sex marriage ban to the state Constitution.
The Wichita Eagle
TOPEKA - The Kansas Senate's decision late last week not to ban homosexual marriage in the state Constitution has gay and lesbian advocates temporarily relieved.
But it also has their opponents vowing to fight for reconsideration of that decision during this session, and if not, seek to replace unsympathetic legislators in future


GOP divided on marriage amendment
Republicans grapple with same-sex issue
By Mary Leonard, Globe Staff, 3/28/2004
WASHINGTON -- Republican leaders have run into unexpected resistance within their own party to the proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and are regrouping to avoid an embarrassing defeat on a measure that is a top priority for social conservatives and an election issue for President Bush.


New Paltz inn hosts 11 more same-sex weddings


03-28, State: Ex-student organizes gay rights rally at Baylor
Associated Press
WACO — Nearly 200 people gathered Saturday at a gay rights rally organized by a former Baylor University seminary student who lost his scholarship because he is gay.


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