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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Group brings anti-gay message to city
Ruling in custody case prompts trip from Kansas; counterprotesters join fray
By Kieran Nicholson
Denver Post Staff Writer
A group protested homosexuality Thursday in front of the Denver City and County Building, where it encountered a counterprotest by a group of gay people and their supporters. The two groups hurled barbs and laughed at each other while pedestrians and traffic flowed by on Bannock Street. The group protesting homosexuality, made up of 21 followers of the Rev. Fred Phelps, drove to Denver on Thursday in three vans from Topeka, Kan., to protest a court order last April by Denver District Judge John Coughlin.
Coughlin ordered a woman, a former lesbian who converted to Christianity, to shield her adopted daughter from homophobic religious teachings. The order is part of a contentious joint-custody agreement between the former lesbian and the woman who once was her partner.


iling to protect him from alleged harassment by fellow students for his perceived sexual orientation


Dunne attacks gay marriage
Mar 27, 2004
The bid to give same-sex couples has been attacked by United Future leader Peter Dunne as undermining "mainstream" New Zealand values.


"Unholy Axis" Blocks Gay Rights - MEP
By Matthew Cooper, PA News
A gay MEP today blamed an “unholy axis” between Muslim countries and the Vatican for scuppering a UN resolution on homosexual rights for the second year running. West Midlands Labour Euro-MP Michael Cashman said he was bitterly disappointed that Brazil had withdrawn its motion to expand the UN’s definition of discrimination to include sexual orientation at the UN Commission on Human Rights meeting in Geneva. The former Eastenders actor, who was representing the Party of European Socialists in Geneva, said the motion was suspended following “aggressive lobbying” by the Vatican and the Conference of Islamic States, in particular Egypt and Pakistan.


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