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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Students hold silent vigil for gay rightsDemonstration protested the proposed Constitutional ammendment that would ban gay marriage
by Elliott Wolf, Online Staff Writer, Technical Staff 3/27/2004 Numerous Blair student groups sponsored a silent vigil to protest the proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. Organizers estimated that approximately 250 students and staff participated, standing silently in a line outside of the SAC on March 26. “[Students demonstrated] to oppose any amendment that would infringe on the rights of Americans," said freshman Adam Yalowitz, one of the organizers of the event and member of Students for Global Responsibility. “We stand in solidarity with the gay and lesbian community in their struggle for equal protection under the law," he added. According to Yalowitz, the majority of the demonstrators were not gay or lesbian. . “You don't have to be gay to support gay rights, just like you don't have to be black to support civil rights, or female to support womens rights," he said.


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