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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Status of Legislation
The Associated Press -
The status of major legislation after 37 days of the 2004 Georgia General Assembly.
Republican senators are leading a push to ban same-sex marriage in the state constitution. Gay marriages are already illegal in Georgia, but the matter isn't addressed in the constitution. If approved by lawmakers, the issue would go to Georgia voters this fall. Passed Senate 40-14. Narrowly defeated in the House 117-50 (120 votes required to pass a constitutional amendment). SR595 is pending reconsideration in the full House. The House would have to vote by simple majority to bring the matter up again, then approve it with 120 votes. HR1470 is a similar amendment, pending in the House Rules Committee.


Gay couples get rejection
State denies marriage license applications; many vow to fight
ITHACA -- Same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses from the City of Ithaca found rejection letters in their mailboxes this week


Church backs gay marriage
Staff reports
(March 27, 2004) — The public is invited to attend a dedication ceremony Sunday that declares the First Universalist Church of Rochester, 150 S. Clinton Ave., an “equal marriage zone.” The ceremony is at noon and the church intends to hang a large banner outside declaring its support for same-sex marriage.


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