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Thursday, March 18, 2004

David Hadbawnik at habenicht press seems to be missing the point when referring to a statement I made about taking it to the street and taking back this country.. this has nothing to do with Newson's gay marriages or any political motive behind it, or any thing to do with Kerry, who I find to a poor excuse for a candidate… but hear this now!! queer folks are loosing there rights, one can get fired just being gay as a federal employees, there is overt hate speech coming from government officials, hate crimes on are the rise… there are state constitutional amendments limiting queers right to get married if they want… now, hear this….. I do not care about marriage, I think it is burying into the hegemony, but I will not stand by and have someone’s rights taken away….. I will not stand by as a president lies and in the process, thousands are murdered….. I will not stand by for one more act of aggression……if its not time to take to the street when? when all the states have passed constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage or when all the queers rights are taken away.. or maybe we should just wait until hate crimes are two fold… or three fold… how long does one stand by and watch hate and do nothing.. how long to we stand by and not take to the street…? This is about a president who is promoting hate at the cost of a group of people…. How long are you going to stand by…


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