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Saturday, February 28, 2004

What is going on is a revolution, what we are witnessing is the rise of a new truth and the fall of the strong hold of power; as New Paltz' Green Party mayor, Jason West, "What we're witnessing in America today is the flowering of the largest civil rights movement the country's had in a generation,"
. . . this is all in the face of a oppressive government, one that has taken away one right and freedom after another another they want to write in to law an amendment that creates a two tiered system..this is the story of a petty bureaucrat loosing power... taking mean and spiteful action. this is a president who believes in an ideal.. and ideal government, and ideal marriage...and ideal that leads to smoothness and orderliness . . . . everything in it proper place...a dogma, a fascist action..... we need to move ahead..we need more pockets of resistance... NOW!.. we need everyone to say they are queer and get married... this is a revolution... come to san francisco.. go to your streets.. make noise do not stop till bush is out of office..

this is a historical event.... pockets of resistance, individual standing up to the powers that be... take a stand, please.. its time to join in the resistance-.. wear a pink arm band... put up your rainbow flag.. go get married.... stand in the street and scream I am not going to take it any more....

I ask that everyone wear pink triangles until we have full and equal rights for *all*


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