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Friday, February 27, 2004

Marriage Amendment Must be Defeated
by Reggie Rivers
President George W. Bush this week threw his support behind a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages. He cited a wave of "activist judges" who are threatening to undermine "the most fundamental institution of civilization."

Before we allow the president's inflated claims to lead us into yet another battle, let's pause to consider the facts. Even if you don't believe that the basic civil liberties of gay people should be protected, you should oppose this amendment.

The original Bill of Rights and most of the 17 amendments that followed were designed to protect individual citizens from two powerful entities: the government and the majority.

The Constitution gives individuals the power - through the courts - to challenge specific violations of their rights. If the police break into your house without a warrant, you can go to court and argue that your Fourth Amendment rights were violated. ....(more)


Lockyer to ask state Supreme Court for same-sex ruling

California's Supreme Court was the first state high court in the nation to legalize interracial marriage 56 years ago. Twenty-five years ago, the court upheld gay rights by saying business could not arbitrarily discriminate against homosexuals.

Now, it's in the center of the national debate over same-sex marriages.


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