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Saturday, February 28, 2004

keep thinking; D.C. next...keep thinking; D.C. next...keep thinking; D.C. next...

Gay Marriage: Is D.C. Next?
by Paul Johnson
(Washington, D.C.)  Same-sex marriage may be come coming to George W. Bush's own front door.

District of Columbia City Administrator Robert Bobb said Friday that officials are looking into whether the city can legally perform same-sex marriages. Interviewed on American University radio station WAMU, Bobb said that Mayor Anthony Williams has asked the Corporation Counsel to look into the legal and constitutional issues.

The city already has a domestic partners law on the books, but Williams came out last week in favor of same-sex marriage. Williams said he is "on record as far back as the 1998 campaign in recognizing that marriage ought to apply to everybody."


we must be ready to face this challange!!

Conservatives Announce $2 Million Ad Campaign To Fight Gay Marriage
by Doreen Brandt Newscenter
Washington Bureau
(Washington, D.C.)
A coalition of the nation's largest right wing "pro-family" organizations announced the launch of a $2 million newspaper ad campaign to express their gratitude to President Bush for announcing his support of the "federal marriage amendment" to ban same-sex marriage...(more)

I ask that everyone wear pink triangles until we have full and equal rights for *all*

go Nyack!!!!

Marriage Fever Spreads In NY
(New York City) The mayor of Nyack, New York, a quiet suburb of New York City, announced Friday afternoon that he will recognize any same-sex marriage wherever it was performed.

While the measure is largely symbolic it shows the growing acceptance of same-sex couples in the wake of the court decision in Massachusetts that gay marriage was legal and the nearly 4,000 gay weddings already performed in San Francisco......(more)


New York Moves To Halt Gay Marriages


Bush Gay Marriage Waffle 
by Paul Johnson
(Washington, D.C.)  The president embraced doublespeak Friday as reporters pressed him on same-sex marriage.  

Asked about his support for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage Bush said that marriage between a man and a woman is "the ideal" -- and it's his job to "drive policy toward the ideal."
However, when he was asked how same-sex weddings harm traditional ones, he was unable to answer the question, repeating earlier statements that marriage is under threat from activist judges and officials seeking to redefine a fundamental human institution.


Indiana GOP Stonewalled Over Anti-Gay Amendment Bid


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