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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gay Teacher 'Outs' Himself, And Parents Are Upset

Minneapolis Several parents of students at a downtown Minneapolis school are protesting a second-grade teacher's decision to tell his class he's gay as part of a discussion of diversity, without first notifying them.

The parents and about a dozen supporters held a protest Friday at the Interdisciplinary Downtown School, which serves students from 10 Twin Cities-area district. They want the school to let their children switch to a different class, a request that Principal Laura Bloomberg refused.


Gay rights go to ballot
Voters to decide marriage ban, domestic partnerships

DENVER - Coloradans can vote for and against gay rights at the same time next month, thanks to two Referendum I would change state statutes to establish a new legal status called domestic partnerships, so gays and lesbians can enjoy some of the same rights as married people. Amendment 43 asks voters to change the state constitution to declare that marriage is between one man and one woman.

Advocates for domestic partnerships say there's no contradiction between Referendum I and Amendment 43.
"It is not gay marriage. It just isn't," said Sean Duffy, leader of the Referendum I campaign


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