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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gay Marriage Headed to State Supreme Court

- The city of San Francisco is promising a swift appeal following the State Court of Appeal ruling against gay marriage.
 City attorney Dennis Herrera told KCBS’ Tim Ryan that the ruling ignores basic constitutional rights. "If other courts had followed this line of reasoning, schools would still be segregated, women would not have been able to enter the workforce, and married couples would not be able to practice birth control free of government interference.”

Herrera accepts what will be an uphill battle, as most members of the state Supreme Court were appointed by Republican governors. "The fact of the matter is we are steadfast and couldn't be prouder to be at the forefront of this battle."

Randy Thomason of stands on the other side of the issue. His message to high court justices is that California voters might toss them out if the gay marriage ban is overturned. "Even if you believe that marriage is not for a man and a woman, at least respect the vote of the people as being important," said Thomason.


Early Gay Activist's Papers Go To Nation

 In April 1965 Frank Kameny helped organize the first gay rights demonstration in front of the White House.  It came almost eight years after he was fired from the Army Map Service because he was gay.

Friday, Kameny presented the papers and artifacts of a lifetime of gay activism to the nation - including the original picket sign he carried in front of the White House.
In a ceremony held at the U.S. Library of Congress Kameny officially turned over more than 70,000 letters, documents and memorabilia.


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