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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gonzalez "Gay-Panic" Defense Fails

A jury reached a verdict today, in the case of a Fresno man charged with first-degree murder. 24 year old Jesse Gonzalez used what some called a "gay-panic defense".

Gonzalez admits he stabbed 37 year old Larry Trevino to death in 2003. But, did so only because he was trying to resist Trevino's sexual advances.

The jury rejected that defense, finding Gonzales guilty of murder with premeditation.


Why we need to break the chains of gay people

It's strange how the movement to annul the anti-sodomy laws has been proceeding. The latest being the hue and cry over the open letter by Vikram Seth and over 150 others including Amartya Sen and Arundhati Roy crying for the removal of Section 377 from the Indian Penal Code for being unconstitutional.

The backlash against the movement has also started building up and now covers a whole spectrum from lunatic fringe right-wing groups to the equally loony liberals.


Fiji Methodists gear up for anti-gay march

Fiji's powerful Methodist Church is considering staging another protest march after the discovery that a gay and lesbian resort is already operating in the country.

The Fiji Sun reports that the resort is located at Pacific Harbour 50 kilometres west of Suva and is operated by gays for gays and lesbians.


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