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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A twist in former cop's rape case

Lawyers for a former San Antonio police officer accused of sexually assaulting a transsexual acknowledged Wednesday that sexual acts occurred but contended they were consensual.


by Myles Wearring

A transgender woman who was sacked from her job this week is blaming the government’s new workplace relations laws.
Louise Brandish said she had worked at a car dealership as a salesperson in Ipswich, Queensland, for nine and a half years as a man. In January this year she started her transition to become a woman.
Her fellow staff didn’t seem to have a problem with it, but the car dealership’s management was less accommodating, she alleged. They suggested she find a new job but Brandish refused to leave.


Bahamas Brokeback ban spurs gay backlash

NASSAU - The Bahamas has banned the gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain, triggering a new controversy over the island chain's reputation for ho


Paris Protests Against Nepal's Crown Prince Over 'Sexual Cleansing Drive' Against Transsexuals 
by Newscenter Staff

(Paris) Human rights protestors demonstrated against the visit to Paris by Nepal's Crown Prince demanding an end to what they called a "sexual cleansing drive" aimed at transsexuals.

Carrying black flags, gay rights and AIDS activists joined other human rights protestors and exiled Nepalese demonstrated at the  Eiffel Tower.

Crown Prince Paras is reportedly on a private visit to Paris.

The protests come a week after Human Rights Watch reported that transsexuals and HIV/AIDS outreach workers in Nepal's capital Kathmandu are under increased scrutiny by police

found atmalika's indian transgender blog , thank you..


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