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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Delhi HC Notice To Govt On Legalising Homosexuality

The Delhi High Court today issued notices to the Government and others on the petition referred to it by the Supreme Court on the controversial issue of physical relationship between two persons of same sex.


Transgendered among us
The struggle for acceptance challenges mainstream ideas of gender, identity and even feminism
Elizabeth Noll
Assistant Editor

In his early 20s, Alex Nelson became a cop. It was his dream job; the only job he’d ever wanted. Unfortunately, his dream didn’t last long. A problem surfaced right away—a big problem. The department told Nelson he had to use the women’s bathroom.


(in the good news bad news....

Military to End Punishment of Gay Soldiers

Korea will revise or repeal military laws that stipulate punishment and discharge of gay soldiers, Defense Minister Yoon Kwang-ung said Tuesday. The plan, which reflects a January recommendation by the National Human Rights Commission, is opposed by senior officers, who say it will cause problems maintaining discipline in military units.


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