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Thursday, November 04, 2004

here is a section of a letter I sent in response to someone who emailed me yesterday in respone to what I worte on this blog and emailed out.

I am reminded of the one voice that echos throughout the movie Network, (to paraphrase), I am sick and tired and I am not going to take it any more... or something like that

the election and the massive hate vote is just a dot on the cancer that has spread over this land, and there seems to be two basic responses, a resignation of the fruitless struggle to hold back the tidal wave of pollution, hate, violence, class, gender, race segragation, homophobia, labor enslavment and so on and so on, or abandonment of the sinking ship.... (sorry to use all the cheap metaphors). the ceaselessness of spectacle has invaded our lives, and the all-pervasive commodification of life has blinded us for the world and only with crack like 9/11 could we have waken up from our long sleep, but instead, this nation (as it has done in the past) became blind sheep and turned to patriotism, hate and bigotry.. than went out and went shopping..and killing

the sleeping giant needs to die...
more people of color than ever have been elected to congress, and it is still only 3% representing 40% of the population...
something is wrong with this picture...


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