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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Long Lines As Record Numbers Turn Out To Vote
by Doug Windsor New York Bureau

Rain and wet snow in much of the east did not deter voters from going to the polls today in what both parties say is likely to be the biggest voter turnout in history.

People lined up before dawn in many areas. In one Virginia community near Washington nearly 100 people were waiting in line as voting began at 6 a.m. ET.

Besides the presidency, voters are filling 34 Senate seats, 11 governorships and all 435 House seats. In 11 states, the electorate is being asked to approve constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage.

Holding umbrellas to ward off a steady rain voters were in lined for several hours in many places. In the Texas Panhandle it wasn't rain but an early snowfall that plagued voters. Up to 7 inches covered most areas and radio stations warned people to drive safely. Another 4 inches is expected throughout the day. The winter-like weather did not prevent people from voting though.


Bermuda To Ban Homophobia
by Newscenter Staff

(Hamilton, Bermuda) The Bermuda government has announced legislation to prohibit discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

Community Affairs Minister Dale Butler said the bill will be presented to the House of Assembly during its summer term.

“The changes will take us out of the dark ages and create an awareness about living openly rather than hiding these things in the closet,” said Butler.
The announcement came as a surprise to Bermuda Rainbow Alliance the gay rights organization on the island colony. There was no mention of the legislation in last week's speech from the throne.


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