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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Gay-Rights Supporters Sue Over Amendment
Associated Press

ATLANTA - Gay-rights supporters sued over Georgia's newly approved constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, saying Tuesday the wording did not make it clear that voters were also being asked to ban civil unions.

The plaintiffs - including two Democratic state legislators and a University of Georgia law professor - argued that the amendment, passed overwhelmingly on Nov. 2, should be thrown out.

On Monday, Republican members of the state House vowed to fight the expected lawsuit.
"We will take all actions necessary to defend the decision of the people and will not look kindly upon any tampering with our state constitution," said Rep. Glenn Richardson


Gay Christian group holds vigils outside offices of bishops
Associated Press

ATLANTA - Small groups of gay Christians held vigils Tuesday outside the offices of Catholic bishops they say have ignored pleas to talk about the church's anti-gay stance.

Holding posters with Bible verses calling for tolerance, the protesters went to diocese offices in 11 cities where bishops or archbishops refused to meet with members of Soulforce, a Christian group that advocates for recognition of gay rights.
"They talk about us being objectively disordered. Later they say you're supposed to love everybody," said Soulforce member Chris Merritt, who protested Atlanta Archbishop John Donoghue.


Jones Pushes Gay Rights Bill in the State Senate; Vote Could Happen Today
Tuesday, November 09, 2004
By The Leader-Chicago Bureau

SPRINGFIELD -- If homosexual rights activists are successful today in pushing through a bill that would add the term “sexual orientation” to the state’s Human Rights Act, Illinois would become the fifteenth state to protect persons from discrimination based on their sexual behavior.

Pro-family leaders say the legislation may be called for a vote as soon as Tuesday or as late as next January. Homosexual activist leaders say nothing will happen during the fall veto session


Gard hit for remark on partner benefits
By Matt

Assembly Speaker John Gard's quick criticism of a University of Wisconsin budget request drew return fire today.

Last week, the UW Board of Regents endorsed seeking domestic partner health insurance for lesbian and gay employees, and Gard quickly denounced the idea by calling it a "raw deal for students." Gard also criticized the regents for acting on the idea in a week when public attention was focused on national elections.

"Those rascals were just hoping nobody would pay attention," Gard told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The change would require legislative approval.


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