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Sunday, November 07, 2004

be aware... discrimination and hate are on the way for the next four years... its time to get over the elections and mobilize...

Bush serious about nationwide ban on gay marriage, Rove says
Associated Press

WHITE HOUSE - A top strategist in the White House says President Bush is serious about banning gay marriage nationwide, but wants states to look at other issues for same-sex couples.

Senior political adviser Karl Rove says a national ban on same-sex marriage is the only way to make sure ``activist judges'' don't redefine marriage.

But Rove also says states should decide other issues for gay couples -- including insurance benefits, inheritance and visitation rights in hospitals,

Rove spoke on ``Fox News Sunday,'' also touching on judicial appointments.


In Open Letter to Civil Libertarians, ACLU Calls for Redoubled Effort to Counter “Unrelenting Assault” on Civil Liberties
Following Election, ACLU Sees Biggest Ever Surge in Online Giving

NEW YORK - In a full-page advertisement in today’s New York Times , the American Civil Liberties Union called on civil libertarians to redouble their efforts to oppose the Bush Administration’s "unrelenting assault on our civil liberties."

Even before today’s advertisement ran, the group said that within 24 hours of the election it had experienced its largest ever surge in online donations - more than 1,200 unsolicited gifts totaling more than $65,000 (an average of $54 per person).

"Over the past four years, the ACLU and its members have shown that we can successfully defend freedom even in the most inhospitable climate," said ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero. "Working with both Democrats and Republicans, we intend to build on that success, and we intend to win. The spontaneous outpouring of support we have seen is clearly a sign that the American people are ready, willing and able to fight to preserve our civil liberties."

The advertisement describes how, during the last four years, President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft have undermined civil liberties and how the ACLU has fought back. The advertisement urges Americans to continue to fight back by contributing to the organization and by becoming part of the ACLU’s powerful action list -- a grassroots network of more than 200,000 concerned Americans who sent more than a million letters to Congress last yea


School Supervisor's Remarks on Bullying Show Lack of Understanding, Says GPAC
Anti-gay epithets aren't just about sexual orientation but school yard masculinity codes.

VIRGINIA - GenderPAC today criticizes comments made by Loudoun County, VA School Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio (R), who announced last week that he believes Sterling Middle School’s anti-bullying efforts should exclude mention of sexual orientation, adding that any anti-bullying program is a “politically correct” tool of “special-interest lobbies" that wastes school time and money.

“These remarks show a complete ignorance about the severity of school bullying. An estimated 8,100 Loudoun County students will be bullied this year, many taunted with anti-gay epithets,” said GenderPAC Executive Director Riki Wilchins . “Anti-gay epithets aren't just about sexual orientation, but about enforcing school yard codes of masculinity through public humiliation and intimidation."

Delgaudio’s remarks were prompted by a parent survey on bullying introduced by the school which included questions regarding sexual orientation-based harassment. Delgaudio wrote a letter to the School Board and the media claiming middle-school children are too young to be introduced to the concept of sexual orientation, even though the survey was only for parents. In his letter, he further commented, “I don’t consider simply ‘talking’ about a child’s perceived sexual orientation to be bullying.”


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