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Thursday, October 14, 2004

this is a transgender hate crime, this paper is participating in a hate crime. they go into gruesome detail of the shooting, call the victim "he" over and over and keep perpetrating a hate crime... stop them today.. the war is at home ... look around..

please stop this hate and overrt gender aslaute.. please please write letters today


Dear Editor,

Concerning your article on “Richfield teen charged with attempted murder,” By Seth Rowe Sun Newspapers, (Created 10/14/2004)

There seems to be some major acts of ignorance and thoughtlessness in this article by Seth Rowe.

1. the victim who Seth Rowe labeled "a transvestite prostitute," who supposedly received that information from the Police, goes on to state this individual, “described as a transvestite prostitute. ((by) Hennepin County court records . . . had been cited for prostitution in 2003 and 2004. " does this make a difference in a hate crime or is this voyeurism and and a act of discrimination?

So, the question would be, what do the police in your community know of the difference between; transgender, transvestite and transsexual. I would take it none! And is it the reporters place to defer all knowledge and reporting to the police in labeling humans. it is a known fact that police are aggressive in their labeling, and that is backed by criminal code and pathological behavior models that are usually outdate, not an understanding of the diversity of humanity. basicly are to you labeled a "bad" person, so they can arrest you. not how to understand individuals.

and I am sure you know in most cases, many Transfemales cannot afford surgery or can get good jobs; they are reduced to prostitution, just like the history of woman in society. and just because this individual may or may not have had a penis does not make them a transvestite or male.

also, your are speaking here of a victim, who you further victimize by using overt prejudicial and discriminatory language. Is there a reason to know a history of some one who was shot, or is it you slight of hand, back handed way of justify it? very poor journalism.

2. the victim was 19, the alleged shooter was 16, what makes one a man and one a boy?

or is it in this case, more apprehensible for a "man" to be cross-dressed, or to be transgender, then a boy. the way you wrote this creates a vast power differential i.e, boy over man... it sound like "the boy" had to protect himself from the terrible deviant prostitute with a criminal record." come on, there's only three years apart in age...

please, clean up your reporting, get some training on gender diversity, and stop victimizing females.

kari edwards
San Francisco, CA

where to send letters t0 Sun Newspapers

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Richfield teen charged with attempted murder
By Seth Rowe
Sun Newspapers

A 16-year-old Richfield boy has been charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting of a man in Minneapolis.

Carlos Harris was charged in Hennepin County Juvenile Court Oct. 1 with a count of premeditated attempted murder and a count of attempted murder without premeditation. He was also charged with assault in the first degree. All three charges are felonies.

Harris is accused of firing two shots into the victim’s head from three or four feet away, according to court documents. He then allegedly stood over the victim and fired several more shots.

The victim was hit once in the leg, once in the spine and twice in the face, causing a brain injury, court documents state.


Faces of Berkeley: Finding Harmony of Body, Soul
Contributing Writer

Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand / Why she walks like a woman but talks like a man …”

The lyrics by the Kinks’ Ray Davies could hardly be more appropriate when sung late on Wednesday nights inside the brick walls of Downtown Berkeley’s Beckett’s Irish Pub. They’re coming from Nicole McRory, fueling the buzz of a half-drunk dance floor.

Nicole sways with the bouncing chorus, wearing a sly smile, her cherry-red guitar and a “Got Pussy?” tank top—a question likely to elicit a chuckle before a serious head-scratching. She’s wearing a skirt, but she does a killer Johnny Cash impressio


Teen: Dance decision 'gay discrimination'
Principal: Sexual preference was not the issue
Record-Eagle staff writer

      BENZONIA - Marie Hood invited her date to Benzie Central High School's homecoming dance and signed the guest's name to a list - just as other students are required to do when inviting someone from another school.

      But Marie's guest was another girl. Marie, a bisexual, ended up going to the dance alone.

      Her principal, she said, told her, "Girls aren't allowed to invite girls, and guys aren't allowed to invite guys."

      "I asked him why, and he said he was trying to limit people from other schools," said Marie, 17, who this week organized a sit-in protest at the school.


Teens charged in possible hate crime
From Staff Reports

Three teenagers from Johnson County are facing felony charges following an alleged hate crime.

Police believe the three suspects attacked one of their peers at a party at the Northridge Court Apartments in Cleburne last week because they think he is a homosexual.

"They were kicking him, hitting him in the face, things like that," said Cleburne police Sgt. Amy Knoll. "He fell to the ground and they continued to kick him and hit him.


by: Andrew Plant, OIA Newswire

ATLANTA - In its Voter Guide, which will soon be available on the organization's web site, the League of Women Voters of Georgia is recommending Georgians vote "no" on Amendment 1, the anti-gay marriage ballot item that will face voters November 2.

Though the LWVGA does not take a stand on the marriage issue itself, the voter guide says the organization specifically rejects the misleading nature of the proposed amendment, including the potential of misplaced motives behind the amendment effort.


USG votes to stand in opposition of Issue One to retain faculty
By Ryan Green

Undergraduate Student Government held its general session yesterday and equal benefits for all faculty members at Ohio State was the focus of the meeting.

State Issue One is an issue that could keep certain faculty members from having equal benefits because of their sexual orientation or their not being married and it will go to vote in Ohio in November along with the presidential election. The issue is a ban on gay marriage and states that "this state and its political subdivisions shall not create or recognize a legal status for the relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance or effect of marriage."

USG opposes the issue and members expressed this in the session by voting 37 to five in support of a resolution stating their dissent


UMM students plan event to protest harassment on campus

MACHIAS - Faculty members at the University of Maine at Machias heard Wednesday that harassment of some students is taking place on campus, and they agreed they are not going to stand by and watch. One student's presentation at the faculty's regular monthly meeting alerted them to what has become a troubling issue, that some gay and lesbian students are being mocked by others


'Bill of rights' for gay couples

A West Midlands Euro MP has welcomed the second reading of the Civil Partnerships Bill in the House of Commons.

Gay rights campaigner Michael Cashman, a founder member of the Stonewall pressure group, said he was pleased that the Bill was now "one step closer to becoming law".

The Labour MEP, who represents Coventry and Warwickshire, said: "This is a radical and ground-breaking Bill which will transform the lives of millions of same-sex couples across the country.

"For the first time, gay and lesbian couples will get the legal rights and recognition they have been denied up to now simply because of their sexuality.


Ordinance would protect sexual minorities
A Beaverton measure aims to ban discrimination against gays, lesbians, and transgender people

BEAVERTON -- It soon may be illegal in Beaverton to discriminate against gays, lesbians and transgender people in employment, housing and public accommodations such as stores and restaurants.

The proposed city ordinance comes from the Beaverton Human Rights Advisory Commission, which has been working on it for the past year.


Gephardt's daughter speaking out on gay issues

Since Massachusetts legalized gay marriage in May, the state hasn't "broken off from the United States and floated off into the Atlantic," the daughter of Rep. Richard Gephardt of Missouri says.

Chrissy Gephardt, a gay-rights activist, asserted in a speech this week at Brown University that all of the doomsday predictions about gay marriage in Massachusetts have turned out not to have come to fruition.

"Where's their evidence?" said Gephardt. Traditional relationships, Gephardt said, appear as strong as ever in Massachusetts. And there has been no cataclysm in Vermont, which has permitted civil unions since 2000, she said.


Hevesi ruling recognizes same-sex marriages

ALBANY — State Comptroller Alan Hevesi has told a gay state employee who is planning to marry in Canada that his partner will be able to inherit the employee's retirement benefits, making the massive retirement system the first state program to recognize gay marriages


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