poetics, time, body disruption and marginally queer solutions

Monday, September 13, 2004

this has been around for a while, but if you have not read it, it is worth reading...

The appeal of 'queer theory' has outstripped anyone's sense of what exactly it means
By Michael Warner

A response to this piece has been received from C.W.Young

Once the term 'queer' was, at best, slang for homosexual, at worst, a term of homophobic abuse. In recent years 'queer' has come to be used differently, sometimes as an umbrella term for a coalition of culturally marginal sexual self-identifications and at other times to describe a nascent theoretical model which has developed out of more traditional lesbian and gay studies. The rapid development and consolidation of lesbian and gay studies in universities in the 1990s is paralleled by an increasing deployment of the term 'queer'. As queer is unaligned with any specific identity category, it has the potential to be annexed profitably to any number of discussions. In the history of disciplinary formations, lesbian and gay studies is itself a relatively recent construction, and queer theory can be seen as its latest institutional transformation.


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