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Friday, September 10, 2004

some shameless self promotion

Fulcrum: an annual of poetry and aesthetics, Number Three,
2004, edited by Philip Nikolayev and Katia Kapovich.

510 pp., perfectbound.
Publication date: September 21

With contributions by Bill Berkson, David Baratier, Alison
Croggon, Fred D’Aguiar, Arjen Duinker, Michael Farrell, Annie
Finch, kari edwards, Edwin Frank, Peter Gizzi, Joe Green,
Jeffrey Harrison, John Hennessy, Bruce Holsapple, Joan
Houlihan, Coral Hull, Kabir, David Kennedy, John Kinsella,
Mark Lamoureux, Glyn Maxwell, Ben Mazer, Andrew McCord,
Richard McKane, Ange Mlinko, Richard Murphy, Vivek Narayanan,
Gregory O’Brien, Fan Ogilvie, Simon Perchik, Mai Van Phan,
Peter Richards, Michael Rothenberg, Tomaz Salamun, Don Share,
Chris Stroffolino, Jeet Thayil, Mark Weiss, Harriet Zinnes,
and many others.


An Anthology of the Berkeley Renaissance, edited by Ben
Mazer, featuring work by Mary Fabilli, Jack Spicer, Robin
Blaser, Robert Duncan, Charles Olson, Landis Everson, plus
artwork & photos

We Who Live in Darkness: Poems from New Zealand by 21 Leading
Poets, edited by Gregory O'Brien

Fulcrum Debate: Joan Houlihan and Chris Stroffolino

Artwork by Konstantin Simun

SUBSCRIPTION rates in the US are $15 per issue for
individuals, $30 for institutions. Overseas subscriptions are
$20 and $40 per issue, respectively. Send check or money
order drawn in US currency and payable to Fulcrum Annual to
Fulcrum, 334 Harvard Street, Suite D-2, Cambridge, MA 02139.

PREORDER Fulcrum 3 now! Fulcrum 2 sold out in 2 months and is
reviewed in Jacket at

Philip Nikolayev & Katia Kapovich, eds.
Fulcrum Annual
334 Harvard Street, Suite D-2
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
phone 617-864-7874


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