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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Triple murderer fails in make-up bid

TRIPLE murderer Paul Denyer has failed in his attempt to be allowed to wear make-up in jail.
In a closed-door mediation between Denyer and Corrections Victoria at Barwon Prison on Tuesday, the prisoner, who refers to himself as Paula, was told he could no longer wear make-up in prison.

Details of the mediation were confidential, the Corrections Victoria Commissioner Kelvin Anderson said in a statement today, and neither party could disclose the terms of the agreement.

"Corrections Victoria is satisfied with the outcome because it reinforces current policy," Mr Anderson said.


Taiwanese film banned for portraying ‘homosexual utopia'

SINGAPORE (dpa) - The Taiwanese box office hit, "Formula 17", will not been shown under any rating in Singapore because the film "creates an illusion of a homosexual utopia", censors said on Wednesday.

Following an initial ban by the Board of Film Censors earlier this month, the distributor, Festive Films, urged the Films Appeal Committee to allow the movie.

The distributor proposed a "M18" rating for the movie about a romance between two teenage boys, meaning only those 18 or over would would be allowed to see it.

The film "creates an illusion of a homosexual utopia, where everyone, including passers-by, are homosexual, and no ills or problems are reflected", the FAC said in a statement.


Gay couple coping with rejections
Longmont men turned away from prospective wedding site
By Aimee Heckel, Camera Staff Writer

The rejection letter Lou Bardach, 34, and his fiance Mikey Higginbotham, 20, received last week was a painful disappointment. But it wasn't anything new.

While chasing their dream of marriage, the homosexual Longmont couple had been turned down before.

In May, the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office denied them a marriage license. They planned a trip to Massachusetts, the first state to recognize gay marriages. But they learned the state wouldn't marry residents from states that prohibit same-sex marriage.

On July 13, Bardach and Higginbotham received an e-mail from Boulder County-based Peaceful Valley Ranch thanking them for their interest in holding a wedding ceremony there but politely turning them away.


Cho no-go in Boston - no joke!

Margaret has been Whoopi'd.

The potty-mouthed comedian has been cut from a gay political bash coinciding with the Democratic convention.

Apparently, its John Kerry-friendly organizers are worried that her racy routine will become more fodder for Republicans who have been trying to label the Massachusetts senator the candidate of Hollywood values instead of family values.

The Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay rights group, insists it is not censoring Cho, whose anti-Bush diatribes are well known in the gay and lesbian community.


Canadian Gov't Accepts Gay Divorce
By Jan Prout

(Toronto, Ontario) The Canadian government announced late Wednesday afternoon that it would not oppose same-sex couples who seek to divorce.

Same-sex marriage is legal in four Canadian jurisdictions but when a relationship ends severing the ties that bound is uncharted territory as two Toronto women discovered.

Judges in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and the Yukon have struck down the federal definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman, but, Canadian divorce laws remain unchanged.

Two Toronto women are now before Ontario's Superior Court of Justice in what is believed to be Canada's first gay divorce petition.


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