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Friday, July 16, 2004

Transsexual applies to change registered gender under new law

TOKYO — After years of campaigning for the rights of transsexuals, Masae Torai saw himself a step closer to a dream come true Friday as he submitted an application to alter his officially registered gender to the Tokyo Family Court.

Torai, 40, was among the first to make the application as landmark legislation, enabling people with gender identity disorder to change their sex in family registries under certain conditions. Under the new law, people diagnosed by at least two doctors as having a different psychological makeup from their biological sex and a desire to live as the opposite sex both physically and socially can apply to change their registrations. (Kyodo News)


Top bravery award for sex change PC (sic)
By Ben Ashford

A TRANSSEXUAL police officer will be hailed a heroine today (Friday) for snaring an armed thug.

PC Lee Worsfold, 23, created a storm earlier this year when he underwent "gender reassignment" and went back on the beat as a woman.

The officer - now known as Louise - will be presented with a top bravery award at the town hall for tackling a teenage robber armed with a large kitchen knife.

The dramatic encounter happened after she and a colleague, PC Robert Hill, were called to Crowley Crescent, in Waddon, in June 2003, after a 999 call from a terrified woman who said two thugs had threatened her with a knife.


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