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Friday, July 16, 2004

Clash over same-sex marriage(CO)

Gay rights activists rallied for change at the Pueblo County Courthouse Thursday.  They started with a symbolic request for same-sex marriage licenses at the Pueblo County Clerk's Office.  They knew the answer beforeit was given,

Colorado law does not recognize marriages except between a man and woman.
When those against same-sex marriage showed up, it became a microcosm of thenational debate.  "I think if you can violate this minority group's rights,"said Puebloan Tom Monroe, "then you can start violating my rights next ormaybe your rights next."  A group from the other side of the issue was also on hand for what at times was a loud debate.  Lynn Robertson of Pueblo said, "It's not a matter of civil rights.  It's not a matter of birth.  It's a matter of choice; it's a matter of sin."

Bobby Wilson, who pastors one of Pueblo's largest church's, expects to see more of this kind of thing.  "I think we are in a real moral battleground and I think that's going to continue and probably escalate.  So we have to just stay the course."

The gay rights activists say they'll be in Colorado Springs Friday and ask for marriage licenses there as well.


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