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Friday, July 16, 2004

Web site urges boycott of Va. businesses
Gay groups so far not targeting MLB expansion

As Major League Baseball’s relocation committee continues to debate whether the Montreal Expos will move to Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia or another location, a loose contingent of gay advocacy groups has begun boycotting other Virginia-based tourism businesses over the newly enacted Marriage Affirmation Act.

Led primarily by the Web site,, some gay Virginians and visitors to the state — once marketed under the slogan “Virginia is for Lovers” — are contacting hotels, restaurants and colonial villages to inform them of their plans to spend leisure time elsewhere.

Boycott organizers contend their efforts will lead tourism-dependent businesses to put pressure on legislators to pass pro-gay legislation.

“Philadelphia just launched its gay-focused ‘Freedom Started Here’ tourism campaign, and is spending millions of dollars to get gays and lesbians to visit,” said Jay Porter, one of the Web site’s founders. “It makes you wonder how stupid a state government has to be to pull the welcome mat away.”


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