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Thursday, July 15, 2004

On the Gay Marriage Amendment, a Control-Freak Issue?
by Salle Engelhardt

That does it. I’m fed up with all this griping about gay marriage and Constitutional Amendments and the morality of it all. We the people seem to have forgotten some fundamental Constitutional concepts upon which we assert ideals that differentiate us from other nations. To begin with there’s that pesky First Amendment which, last time I checked, gives us assurance of the freedom of religion or belief system and the practice thereof.

I would like to elaborate on the idea of religion and marriage since the definitions seem to be a little blurry for many of those elected folks in DC.

First, religion (belief system) refers to a set of beliefs that guide one in the practice of ritual and performance of daily responsibilities relative to concepts of good and not good. The actual concept of religion, in anthropological terms, is a set of practices that are intended to appeal to a supernatural or higher power in order to induce change upon the natural world.

There are multiple religions practiced in our midst but there appear to be some folks in the DC factions that can’t accept that there are numerous religions that do not subscribe to their accustomed set of practices. The First Amendment was intended to allow for such diversity in this land. Granted, we’ve never been very good at consenting to it.


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