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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Transgender Day of Remembrance announced.
Subject:            Transgender Day of Remembrance announced.
Date sent:          Wed, 16 Jun 04 12:01:50 -0700
From:               Gwendolyn Ann Smith
For Immediate Release

Gwen Smith
(925) 754-5599

Ethan St. Pierre
(97 373-8898

6th annual event will be held November 20, 2004

SAN FRANCISCO, June 16, 2004 - The 6th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance has been set for November 20th, 2004, with over 100 separate observances expected world-wide.  

"Since last year's event, nine more people have died due to anti-transgender violence," said Ethan St. Pierre of the Remembering Our Dead project. "So yet again, we will be making it known that such killings are unacceptable.  

The most recent reported case of anti-transgender violence leading to death is that of Cedric Thomas of Baton Rogue, Louisiana, who was shot multiple times on May 18th.  Thomas died from those wounds on June 5th.  

The Day of Remembrance began in 1999 as a way to draw attention to the issue of anti-transgender violence in the wake of unsolved murders such as that of Rita Hester.  Hester was killed November 28th, 1995.  Her death remains unsolved.

The Remembering Our Dead project exists to honor individuals murdered as a result of anti-transgender hatred and prejudice, and draw attention to the issue of anti-transgendered violence. Remembering Our Dead is a project of Gender Education and Advocacy, Inc.


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