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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Crooked cop scalded by transvestite(sic..)

A TRANSVESTITE named Mercedes poured boiling water over a corrupt police officer because he was being harassed over his sexuality, a court was told today.

Damien Edward Chandler, 29, pleaded guilty in the District Court in Brisbane to two counts of assault causing bodily harm on December 1, 2002.

Chandler, who prefers the name "Mercedes", was on remand for robbery and deprivation of liberty offences, committed because of his drug addiction.

He was being held in protective custody at Brisbane's Arthur Gorrie Remand and Reception Centre along with Gregory Catton, who was serving a three-and-a-half year sentence after pleading guilty to official corruption and drug possession and supply charges.


Grocer defends its stance
By Kelly Pate Dwyer
Denver Post Staff Writer

Kim Dower isn't the first King Soopers employee to undergo gender transformation, company officials said Wednesday.

The Denver-based grocer recently denied Dower's request to dress at work as a woman as part of male-to-female gender transformation because such situations need to be carefully handled, says King Soopers' attorney Ray Deeny of Denver law firm Sherman & Howard.

And chain executives said Dower wouldn't consent to providing the medical and psychological information they need to make a decision in the matter.

The case raises issues of privacy - which restroom Dower uses and how co-workers and customers feel about that - and the overall work atmosphere, Deeny said.


Nondiscrimination policy all talk, no action, some say
LGBT activists question whether gender identity clause will yield changes in housing, bathrooms
By alex dubilet

In the spring of 2003, in an effort to protect the transgender community from discrimination and unfair treatment, Penn's University Council amended the University's Nondiscrimination policy to include a gender identity clause.

More than a year later, some proponents of the policy, many of whom are members of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community, are suggesting that, despite the official inclusion of the gender identity clause, few tangible changes have come about.

This concern was brought to the forefront in April of this year -- more than a year after the policy change. Erin Cross, the associate director of the LGBT Center, discovered that the gender identity clause was absent from her employment benefit package.

The situation was swiftly resolved through a printed apology followed by a note sent out from The Office of the General Counsel to remind everyone to make the appropriate changes.


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