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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Log Cabin blasts president
Marriage proposal jeopardizes group’s endorsement
By Patrick O'Connor

A gay and lesbian conservative group is blasting President Bush for pushing a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage but has remained mum on which presidential candidate it will endorse this summer.

“We made it clear that this was going to jeopardize our endorsement,” said Chris Barron, spokesman and political director for the Log Cabin Republicans. He was referring to a February meeting with the White House during which his group warned the president about advancing this legislation. He added that it could jeopardize the 1 million gay and lesbian votes that the president received in 2000.


Ruling looming on Yukon gay marriage
WHITEHORSE - A Yukon gay couple will find out tomorrow if their weekend wedding will be legally recognized by the government.

Visiting Supreme Court Justice Peter McIntyre says he will give his decision Wednesday morning. Despite pleas from the Crown, McIntyre refused to dismiss the case.

The government says the men can marry legally through church proclamations, or banns. Lawyers for the two men argued the governments refusal to license their marriage is discriminatory.

Jim Tucker likened their situation to a famous American civil rights case. "Telling [them] that they could get married by the use of banns in their church is analogous to telling Rosa Parks that she could take a cab," he says.

"It would ignore the discrimination that is going on now. Saying that there is an alternative means available ignores the fact that they requested a marriage license and were denied it solely because they are a same-sex couple."


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