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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Take Action!

I called my Senators to oppose the FMA!

CALL YOUR SENATOR: 1-202-225-3121! And then let us know that you called by quickly completing the information on this page so we can keep count.

What to say when you call...Use your own words, or use ours: "My name is YOUR NAME from YOUR ADDRESS. I am calling to urge the Senator to oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment and to vote against cloture when it comes to a vote. The proposed amendment to our founding document is unnecessary, discriminatory, and undermines the principles upon which our Constitution was written. As my elected official in Congress, I hope that you will concentrate on more important matters such as the struggling economy, the war in Iraq, and health care, rather than devoting time to a discriminatory, unnecessary amendment. Thank you."

If the switchboard is busy, please keep trying OR click here to look up your Senator's direct line.


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