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Monday, July 26, 2004

Early skirmish in upcoming La. gay marriage battle
The Associated Press

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — The upcoming battle over a proposed gay marriage ban in Louisiana rehearsed familiar arguments Monday, with activists on both sides vowing to press their case further before a Sept. 18 vote.

In a debate hosted by the Press Club of Baton Rouge, The Rev. Gene Mills of the Louisiana Family Forum suggested gay marriage could be the thin wedge of a "radical experiment" that could lead to "pedophilia and consensual sex between minors."

"Who knows how a judge will rule?" Mills said.

While insisting that his group didn't advocate discrimination, Mills noted that his opponents were "those who advocate on behalf of a lifestyle many people find difficult to comprehend."


Gay marriage ban qualifies for November ballot
By KGW and AP Staff

SALEM -- An initiative that would ban gay marriage in Oregon will be on the November ballot, the Secretary of State's office said Monday.

The ballot title of Initiative 150 will read: Amends constitution: Only marriage between one man and one woman is valid or legally recognized as marriage."

The proposed amendment required 100,840 valid signatures to get on the Nov. 2 ballot. The secretary of state's office said the petitions contained 204,360 valid signatures, 84.77 percent of the 240,850 submitted.


Gay Bashing at Yumbo Centre Gran Canaria

Gay scotsman Dean Allan was attacked and left in a pool of blood by Yumbo Security staff on Wednesday 21 July GTR member came to his rescue. The Yumbo centre is the gay capital of Playa del Ingles holiday resort in Grand Canaria with over 30 gay bars open all year round.

Scot Bane came to the rescue of the 23 year old after Allan was beaten up by a Yumbo security staff. Allan from Fife, Scotland was on holiday with his mother in the resort and spent his first evening at the Yumbo Centre. He remains in settled condition at a local hospital awaiting eye surgery.

Scott Bane from Dorking Surrey heard screaming as he was walking back to his appartment from within the Yumbo centre. Scott told GTR that he saw a security guard beating Allan and at first was worried for his own safety but decided to locate the lad and found him on the stairs. Scott took him back to Allans mothers


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