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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Survey underway on homosexuals

A SURVEY of homosexuals and homosexual HIV carriers is underway in Northeast China°Øs Heilongjiang Province, the first survey of homosexuals in China.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Heilongjiang Province had received 1,300 completed questionnaires from a Chinese Web site on homosexuals and homosexual HIV carriers and was analyzing the results, said Wu Yuhua, deputy head of the provincial disease and virus control institute.

This was part of an AIDS-prevention program jointly conducted by China and the U.S.

It was difficult to research homosexuals as most were living discreetly, so the provincial department cooperated with a Web site,, to conduct the survey, Wu said.


Cape Breton marks gay pride after flag theft News Staff

Cape Breton marked its fourth annual Gay Pride celebrations by raising the rainbow flag at Sydney's City Hall for the first time ever, only for the symbol of the Gay and Lesbian community to be stolen.

Organizers expressed their disappointment over the theft after a successful weekend of festivities -- including a parade that brought music and cheer through the streets of downtown Sydney.

"It's unfortunate," said Peter Steele Cape Breton Pride Week Chair.

"We're certainly not letting that stop us, just because somebody wants to do something criminal. It's not going to affect us at all."


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