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Monday, July 26, 2004

Kerry, Bush work to bar same-sex marriage
From the Parker-Gutierrez Campaign

The Parker-Gutierrez Campaign applauds the lesbian, gay, bi and trans movement's victory over the bigoted Federal Marriage Amendment, which went down to defeat on July 14 in the U.S. Senate.

Both of us are long-time fighters in the struggle for LGBT liberation--one of us as a lesbian, and the other as an ally who has fought for the rights of LGBT people for his entire political life.

We wholeheartedly support the right to same-sex marriage--it is an important demand that the state end its institutionalized discrimination. And we condemn this attempt to further enshrine hatred in U.S. law by adding a constitutional amend ment to make legal only marriage between "a man and a woman."

We know that the Bush administration pushed the amendment in an attempt to buttress right-wing support for his presidential bid and to force the Democrats to demonstrate their own antipathy towards LGBT rights.


Court told killing was gay bashing

The man accused of murdering Auckland interior designer David McNee, 55, told police he punched McNee in the head up to 40 times because he started to come onto him and tried to touch him.

An unemployed Mt Albert man, Phillip Layton Edwards, 23, is on trial at the High Court in Auckland charged with McNee's murder.

The jury has been read part of a five-hour police interview with Edwards after McNee's body was found in his St Mary's Bay home in July last year. 

Prosecutor Aaron Perkins outlined the Crown's case and said Edwards eventually admitted to police that he killed McNee. 


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