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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Yeh meri life hai...


With the gay concept slowly percolating from parties to offices and even films, can we say Mumbai has come to terms with its steadily increasing gay component?

Even though the city may have willy-nilly accepted male homosexuality and laughed openly at Kantaben in Kal Ho Na Ho , the larger question, as we await two film releases on the subject, is — has Mumbai finally woken up to another reality — female homosexuality, or lesbianism? Not really. For Mumbaikars, this particular closet still remains firmly closed. Yes, Mumbai is still to come to terms with its female neighbourhood's sexual preferences.

Breaking the taboo and addressing the issue openly for the first time since Deepa Mehta's Fire are two forthcoming films, Girlfriend and Men Not Allowed. As we await these releases, we decided to test out Mumbai's fire.

The city does boast of a couple of lesbian societies, though just one, Aanchal, is still functional. Though Mumbai is known for its gay community and the gala gay evenings they enjoy at some of the city's happening nightclubs, the city doesn't extend the same courtesy to its lesbian community.


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