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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A bit of shameless self promotion

Sitting, Screaming About Everything
kari edwards’ latest cri de coeur sets sexist grammarians’ teeth on edge

Reading kari edwards’ book “iduna,” I thought about William Rund, 32, the “tranny in the tree,” who, on Earth Day this year, along with Christopher Montero, his 17-year-old lover, climbed a 55-foot larch in Central Park and staged a four-hour erotic, anarchic showdown against the NYPD.

Detective Steven Elter was quoted in the Daily News as saying, “I think they were just mentally distraught, fed up with how people were treating them.”

Perhaps that was the case, but theirs wasn’t simply an act of desperation. The tree escapade was, in its way, a wild performance piece by people at the cultural margins shrieking at the mainstream. Were Rund a revolutionary poet like kari edwards, she might have written a book like iduna.


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