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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

22 couples register as domestic partners at GAGV town meeting
By Susan Jordan
Over 120 people heard the latest updates on marriage in Massachusetts at the GAGV’s second town meeting on marriage equality on May 16, the day before marriage became legal for lgbt people in that state

Rochester City Clerk Carolee Conklin, Deputy Clerk Dan Karin and colleague Georgia De Dever were present, and registered 22 couples as domestic partners, in order to increase the numbers of same-sex couples on record in this city as wishing to marry.

Several dozen people registered to vote, and all present were encouraged to send their legislators postcards (or letters or emails) opposing S2220, the DOMA (Defense of Marriage) bill for New York State, which has gained support in the Senate this session. The bill would define marriage as “between a man and a woman”, like the federal amendment to the Constitution supported by President Bush. The Assembly is not expected to pass the bill, but the situation in the Senate is not clear.


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