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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Marriage for heterosexuals only – PM

MPs will this week vote on that controversial legislation – the Civil Union Bill and a companion bill, together dubbed the gay marriage bill by critics.

The long-delayed bill creates a new form of legal relationship – a registered civil union – that would apply to same-sex relationships and heterosexual couples.

Miss Clark told NewstalkZB questions as to whether the legislation would give gay couples the same status as heterosexual married couples were "really not that relevant".

"Nobody should be disadvantaged," she said.


Dozens of Haredis protest against Lupolianski

One hundred Haredi residents of Jerusalem, who tried to block city traffic Sunday night in a first ever public protest against mayor Lupolianski, were dispersed by police, police said.

The cause of the late night protest in the city's Mea Shaarim neighborhood was not immediately clear, butut Haredi activists have recently been angered at Lupolianski, the city's first Haredi mayor, for allowing the third annual Gay Pride Parade to take place in the city earlier this month.


Gay Parade Next Weekend Stirs Controversy in Conway
Posted By: Angela Rachels

Conway, AR - A controversial city council resolution is stirring up strong feelings in Conway.

A local group is preparing for a gay pride parade next Sunday, and one council member wants to make sure everyone knows the city of Conway does not support it.

A Conway couple.. John Schenck and Robert Lloyd have been the center of controversy since they became outspoken on the issue of marriage rights for homosexuals.

Now, they are pushing their fight for equality onto a public forum: with a parade that is prompting opposition.


Sexual Profiling, Banking While Black
By Scott Norvell

Police who responded to citizen complaints about being accosted and propositioned in a public restroom in Michigan with a sting that led to the arrest of a dozen men for criminal sexual conduct are being accused of "sexual profiling" and homophobia, reports the State News.

The Michigan State Police (search) posted undercover officers in a public restroom on northbound U.S. 127 near Holt following complaints that "people were doing gross things" in the bathroom.

But gay activists said the timing of the sting, immediately preceding Pride Weekend, smacked of homophobia. Sean Kosofsky of the Triangle Foundation (search) called the operation a deliberate attack against homosexuals.

"It is illegal profiling behavior and an attempt to fabricate a problem," he said. "It's like, if you're gay and using a rest area, you are there for sex."


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