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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Most local churches and synagogue open to same-sex marriage
Jacqueline G. Harris

Local houses of worship on Beacon Hill have, like institutions and residents state-wide, been awaiting the change in state law which as of yesterday legalized same-sex marriages.

While some met May 17 with large-scale celebration, others held discussion groups and board meetings to decide how the change in law would change their practices.

“We are very aware of May 17,” said Michael Weingarten, president of the Boston Synagogue. “We will use it as an opportunity to ask ‘what does Jewish law say on the subject.’”

Weingarten said the synagogue recently held a lecture in which the issue was addressed. “It was a stimulating and gratifying discussion.” He also said no one in their congregation has yet asked for a same-sex ceremony.

The three Unitarian Universalist congregations in the neighborhood are planning same-sex ceremonies and celebrations in the upcoming weeks in varying degrees. The First and Second Church on Marlborough Street has two ceremonies planned for the last week in May, according to Reverend Stephen Kendrick. “We are very much looking forward to try to help and be there,” he said. “The UUA has a long history of being in the forefront of this issue. We are very enthusiastic, and have a sense of happiness, excitement and fulfillment. If the UU’s have made a small contribution we are very, very pleased.”

Journalists convicted for gay report

A Yemeni court has convicted three journalists, their lawyer has said, for publicly discussing homosexuality.

The court ruled that a report in Arabic-language newspaper The Week in March 2003, which included interviews with men jailed for homosexuality, had violated Yemeni morals and customs.

Homosexuality in the conservative Arab state is considered a taboo and Yemen's main religion, Islam, denounces homosexuality.
"The ruling came as a huge shock to me," former editor-in-chief Jalal al-Sharaabi said on Tuesday.

"But I respect the law and my lawyer will defend me."


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