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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The freedom of commitment
Massachusetts gays give the flagging institution of marriage a much-needed shot in the arm

BOSTON -- Let's just say that the man selling newspapers at the entrance of the Government Center subway station hadn't yet caught the spirit of the day. Marriage comes with three rings, he was telling a customer, "engagement ring, wedding ring, suffering."

But the headline in the paper he was hawking had a different take on this historic moment. It announced simply: "FREE TO MARRY."
Monday was the first day in which gay couples in Massachusetts could tie the legal knot. "Free to marry" may sound like a contradiction in terms -- liberated to be committed? -- but not among those lined up to get licenses.

Men and men, women and women formed an ad hoc reception line snaking out of Boston City Hall as the media walked up and down with pens and cameras.


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