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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Keeping Montrose streets safe
When the moon comes up, volunteers take to the streets to keep transgender prostitutes safe
Leaning against the dusty brick wall of a Montrose area convenience store, two transgender streetwalkers warily track Paige Mahogany’s beeline toward them. The short, heavyset one looks away, but her tall, willowy companion faces the rapidly approaching newcomer.

After a short introduction, Mahogany props a hard, dark fist on one voluptuous hip and rolls out her message. She uses street slang and punctuates her boldest comments with a no-nonsense roll of her head.

“Look, I’ve been out here,” she says. “You can ask any of the older girls. But I got out because it’s no place to be. You got people out here that just wanna take advantage of you and rob you.”

The tall one, pouting her glossy lips and peering through her feathery, false eyelashes murmurs sarcastically, “Oh, that’s really bad.” She glances


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