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Friday, April 23, 2004

Gay organizations join abortion rights march
Organizers expect more than 750,000 to rally on Sunday
Beyond the manuscript-length march permit, the lengthy volunteer lists and the little piles of buttons on her desk, feminist organizer Alice Cohan keeps a very telling photograph. It’s not a picture of her partner, or a close family member, but that of another Alice — Alice Paul, the chief strategist of the suffrage movement and author of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Paul has been a heroine of Cohan’s since her early days at the Feminist Majority, and she said she looks at the black-and-white photo whenever she needs a reason to continue her work advocating for reproductive rights. It was taken long before Cohan, 53, actually met and got to know the legendary feminist, but Cohan said Paul was no less feisty on matters of emancipation for women.

“I remember visiting her in the nursing home, wanting to talk about her days fighting for women’s right to vote,” Cohan said. “She would always interrupt me to talk about strategy for amending the Equal Rights Amendment and more ways to further women’s causes.”


Transgender Cop Gets $90,000 in Harassment Case
By Greg Frost
BOSTON (Reuters) - A Vermont police officer who quit his job because of harassment over a sex change he had 40 years ago will receive $90,000 from a Vermont town in a settlement announced on Friday.

Anthony Barreto-Neto, who changed sex to become a man in 1964 at age 17, filed a complaint with Vermont's attorney general last year alleging discrimination by his employer, the Hardwick Municipal Police Department.

Lawyers for Barreto-Neto said that shortly after he began his job in April 2002, town officials discovered a Web site describing him as "transsexual." The officials believed this made him unable to do his job and asked his colleagues to make life so unpleasant for him that he would leave, lawyers said.


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