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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Latino show support for same-sex marriage
(Hartford-WTNH,) _ Leaders and members of the Latino community are calling for the right for gay and lesbian couples to marry.

Same sex marriage is an issue that stirs a lot of emotions on both sides. Today the push for the right to marry is coming from the Latino community. We talked to one couple who've been waiting for that right for years.

Bessy Reyna and Susan Holmes have been a couple for 30-years. They're hoping some day Connecticut will allow them to be married.

"It's a validation that we're not able to have that heterosexual people have," Holmes said.

They say a marriage certificate is more important than people realize. Because they don't have the same rights they worry what would happen if one or both of them are ever hurt or in an accident.

"We are at the mercy of people in the hospital to let us see each other," Reyna said. "It's the little things people don't think about that are daily concerns for gay people."


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