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Monday, April 19, 2004

Gay marriage debate moves into workplace
Just after Valentine's Day, Tina Capozzola went to San Francisco to marry the woman she's been with for more than 19 years.

Now, she hopes to set another precedent. She wants her company to provide the same health insurance and other benefits offered to other married couples.

"I'm going to continue to speak with them about why they don't offer us the same rights," said Capozzola, 44, an occupational therapist in Sacramento. "Now that I'm married, I'm more aware of all the rights we've been missing out on. We don't want to go back. We want to keep moving forward."

The gay-marriage debate is coming to the workplace as same-sex couples push for major changes on the job. Activists want the same benefits long considered the domain of traditional married couples, including health insurance, family leave, access to a partner's pension, company scholarships for children and adoption benefits. They also hope publicity over gay marriage will focus attention on the challenges gays face on the job, including fears about discrimination.


Even here, gay marriage an issue
Local man maintains state's ban is unconstitutional
ZANESVILLE -- Justin Nelson grew up like any other child. He went to a private Christian school and was taught right from wrong. When he came out as being gay, he was told by society that he was wrong, and he didn't understand why.

In several weeks a new state law will go into effect that will deny him the right to marry whomever he chooses, and he doesn't understand why. He was taught in school that everyone is equal, but now some people are saying he isn't quite equal.

"I think it violates the First Amendment," Nelson said as he began to recite "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. These laws make Christianity the law."

In a town like Zanesville where it seems like there is a church on every corner, religion becomes woven into daily life.


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