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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Tales of harassment led to discrimination law on perceived gender
Associated Press
LOS ANGELES - As an openly lesbian high school student, Mattye Dane had classmates call her names, threaten violence and throw things at her in hallways. But her complaints were brushed aside by teachers, so the 16-year-old dropped out.

"Every school I've been to, I've experienced problems," Dane said.

Such treatment inspired a 1999 California law requiring schools to protect students from discrimination based on sexual orientation or perceived gender. Similar laws have been adopted in about 10 other states.

But in Orange County, one school board has refused to incorporate the state's language into its policies, with a majority of members saying the measure is immoral, promotes transsexuality and could confuse children about gender roles.

The refusal has prompted state officials to consider withholding millions of dollars in funding from the Westminster School District.


Bush support for same-sex marriage amendment divides Republican gays
Palm Springs, California-AP -- Some gay Republicans convening this weekend are saying openly that they have a problem supporting President Bush.


New Gay Anglican Battle Erupts
by Peter Moore Newscenter 
(London) Conservative Anglicans around the world still reeling after last year's appointment of a gay bishop in the United States went into shock Saturday with the news that another openly gay cleric was being appointed to one of the most prestigious positions in the Church in England.

Dr Jeffrey John is being named Dean of St. Albans and traditionalists say the appointment will be the straw that broke the camel's back and lead to a breakup of the faith.

Dr John was the target of an international attack last year when the Archbishop of Canterbury attempted to elevate him to a bishop. Led by conservatives in Britain and in Africa opponents of gay reforms in the Church launched an attack that included threats of breaking away and hate mail directed at both John and Archbishop Rowan Williams.

Dr John eventually withdrew his name as bishop assumptive of Reading saying he wanted to preserve church unity. In the United States, the American wing of the Anglican Church elected Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire, an action that continues to have repercussions throughout the worldwide Church.


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