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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Gay Days Hits Sour Note With Band Members' Parents
by Newscenter Staff
(Kearney, Nebraska)  It was to have been the trip they would remember for the rest of their lives.  The Kearney High School Band was to play at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Students have been holding fundraisers to get the money to pay for the June trip, and excitement at the school is already high.

But, when some parents discovered that the day the band was to march through the famous theme park coincided with Gay Days they pulled their children from the trip.

Shelly Rodehorst cancelled the trip for her son and daughter. Her teenaged son is a percussionist and her daughter, a junior clarinet player

Rodehorst says she will not expose her children to" homosexual behavior". 


Oregon Lawmakers Show Little Interest In Heeding Gay Marriage Ruling
by Newscenter Staff
(Salem, Oregon)  Members of the Oregon legislature Tuesday night showed little enthusiasm for taking up the issue of same-sex marriage after a judge ruled lawmakers have 90 days in the next regular or special session to deal with it.

Judge Frank Bearden ruled earlier in the day that it is unconstitutional to deny same-sex couples the benefits of marriage, but he left it to the legislature to decide between civil unions and marriage.  Bearden also ruled that the state acted illegally in not registering those marriages already performed in Multnomah County, and ordered that they be immediately registered. But, he told the county not to issue any more licenses until the legislature acts or the 90 day period runs out.

The decision said that if the legislature has not passed laws aimed at making same-sex couples equal with heterosexually married couples within the 90 day time frame the county could resume issuing licenses.

But, in an election year, legislators are not rushing to the plate. 


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