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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Female ISU students apply for, are denied a marriage license

NEVADA - The groom-to-be wore a blue shirt and tie; the bride-to-be wore a bright pink, off-the-shoulder blouse and denim jeans.

"Are you nervous?" the groom whispered as they walked through the door of the Story County Recorder's office Monday to apply for a marriage license.
She said she was.

The couple presented their application and identification to Story County Recorder Sue Vande Kamp, then the three chatted amicably as they waited for a witness to sign the form.

Finally, the paperwork was complete.

Vande Kamp printed the word "rejected" across the top of the application and made a copy for the couple, who returned to a group of friends waiting outside the courthouse. There was applause. There was cake.


Witness: Suspicion About Araujo's Gender Led To Angry Confrontation
POSTED: 11:44 am PDT April 20, 2004
HAYWARD, Calif. -- The woman who revealed the biological identity of Eddie "Gwen" Araujo the night the teenager was killed testified Tuesday that she "freaked out" when she discovered the pretty woman she and her friends knew as "Lida" had been born a man.

Nicole Brown said she started screaming after pushing Araujo's legs apart and grabbing at her genitals.

"I can't believe this is a (expletive) man," Brown recalled saying as she ran out of the bathroom where she had investigated Araujo's gender. "I thought it was a woman. I can't believe it. I can't cope with this."

Three men are on trial for murder in the 17-year-old Araujo's death, Michael Magidson, 23, and Jose Merel and Jason Cazares, both 24. A fourth suspect, Jaron Nabors, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was promised an 11-year sentence in return for testifying against the others.

Brown had been scheduled to testify Monday but was excused for a day after she broke down on the stand due to what attorneys said were personal problems unrelated to the case. She took the stand as scheduled Tuesday to talk about the events leading up to Araujo's death.


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