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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Bishop Tutu supports gays, hedges on same-sex union

Emily Yearwood-Lee
VANCOUVER - Former South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu spoke of equality for gays and lesbians Tuesday, but stopped short of endorsing same-sex marriage.
At an honorary degree ceremony held in one of Vancouver's oldest churches, the Nobel laureate told the listening crowd God draws in all races and groups, including "gay, lesbian, so-called straight."

Asked outside the church on his position on same-sex marriage, Tutu, an Anglican, said he "would prefer we didn't call it marriage.

"It just causes a lot of hassles. If you say you are blessing a union, I would prefer that. You just raise unnecessary hassles."


Contest To Promote Gay Weddings
by Jed Lang Entertainment
The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has announced to major initiatives to promote same-sex marriage.

The first is a contest to create a 30-second commercial. Filmmakers interested in participating are encouraged to submit their spots, aimed for a mainstream audience, to GLAAD.

"If you can translate your passion for fairness and equal protection for same-sex couples into 30 compelling seconds that counter the negative, discriminatory and fear-mongering tactics of the religious right, then we want to hear from you," said Joan M. Garry, Executive Director of GLAAD.

Entries can be in any form of moving image from live-action to animation, as long as the finished version is of broadcast quality. The spots will be evaluated according to overall impact, originality, memorable content and delivery and clarity of the message.
GLAAD will air the winning


Candidate's sign defaced
Anti-gay slogan mars campaign sign
By Anna Sowa
Western sophomore Peter Graves said repairing his campaign sign near the Viking Union, which someone vandalized with the words "Only faggots vote for Peter," is all part of campaigning for office.


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