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Friday, April 02, 2004

The Fast-Changing Status of Same-Sex Married Couples in New York
by Andy Humm
April, 2004

While New York State has yet to allow marriage licenses to be issued to same-sex couples, there has been a sudden explosion of activity toward that goal within the past month.


from india:

Gay marriages grab attention in US
By Ela Dutt, New York, Apr 1 (IANS):
'Vega' and 'Mala', who are from India, are among thousands of same-sex couples in the US struggling to get marriage licences even as the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender movement gains momentum.


really what this school board is enforcing is gender specific roles...

School Won't Protect Transgender Rights
Friday April 2, 2004 9:46 PM
- A school board in conservative Orange County refused to implement a state policy that protects transgender students, saying the measure is immoral and promotes transsexuality.


City Council opposes gay marriage amendment
The Minneapolis City Council went on record Friday in opposing state and federal efforts to ban gay marriages by constitutional amendments. By a unanimous vote, the 13-member council adopted a resolution that opposes any "amendment to the Minnesota or U.S. Constitution that restricts or jeopardizes the equal rights of members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community or limits the recognition of domestic partnerships or civil unions."

Log Cabin leader says group is flying high after recent exposure
Gay Republican organization’s ranks doubled in the weeks after Bush said he supported a Constitutional amendment denying marriage to gays
By Angela Geralds

The leader of Log Cabin Republicans told Dallas supporters Saturday that the organization’s membership has doubled since President Bush announced his support of a Constitutional amendment that would deny gays the right to marry.


Same Sex Marriages
Just Say "No" to Prohibition

Like many Americans, I grew up learning a "queer" was a criminal, a pervert or, probably, both. Not that I was taught this directly. I just picked it up from the embarrassment of my elders, the cruelty of my peers and the writing


Massachusetts governor exploring options to block gay marriages
Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney acknowledged Thursday that he won't be able to obtain a judicial stay blocking the upcoming marriages of same-sex couples in the state beginning May 17, The Boston Globe reports. But the governor emphasized that he is exploring other options to block the issuance of marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. "He's made his decision; I'm not going to pursue that further," Romney said of Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly's refusal to seek a stay of the Massachusetts supreme judicial court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. "Of course, I'm also considering other options. I don't have anything to report in that regard, but stay tuned." On Monday the Massachusetts legislature approved a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage and establish civil unions. But lawmakers must pass the measure a second time during the 2005-2006 legislative session--and then voters must approve it--before the constitution would be amended. The earliest the measure could appear on the ballot is November 2006, and gay-marriage opponents are determined to prevent same-sex marriages from taking place between May and that date.


Conference remembers Howard murder
By NewsRadio WMTW
870/1470 AM and 106.7 FM
PORTLAND -- A conference Friday and Saturday at the University of Southern Maine looks back at the killing of Charlie Howard. Howard was thrown to his death from a bridge in Bangor 20 years ago, because he was gay.


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